Out Of My Hands

A gripping story that revolves around the mother of a young perpetrator of a terrible shooting.
Theatres throughout the Netherlands

Lara Wakelkamp makes dance theatre productions in which she explores the human psyche. For her third production at ISH, she takes her inspiration from the poignant story of the mother of one of the young perpetrators of the shootings at Columbine High School.

In this transporting story, a fusion of theatre, dance, and music, Out of My Hands unpicks the raw emotions of a mother as she realizes that her son has changed the world. She stands at the beginning of a psychological journey to the unknown. A journey in which she discovers that her strength lies hidden in her capacity to turn fragility into a form of resilience.

The performer, Khadija Massaoudi joins forces with experimental breakdancer/choreographer Simon Bus. Together they examine the unconventional story of a mother and son who must both confront the core of their broken identities. The characteristic distorted and sculptural movement signature of Bas together with Massaoudi’s well-known expressive approach to text provides the creative foundation from which the mother finds a way to establish a new reality.

An ode to the grace of the human psyche.

Within the set design of light, Massaoudi and Bas interpret the relentless twists and turns of their elusive past: a shattering choreography that reflects a lost future and the alienating logic of the present moment. Her thought provokes his musicality, his movement her emotions. Together they uncover a small fragment of light in which to heal.

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