Open Nights

Every year ISH invites three new makers to develop an existing idea for a choreography into a short fifteen-minute performance. The choreographers will have the opportunity to rehearse for one week at Podium Lely and then edit and present the performance at the theater.

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ISH Open Nights offers a new generation of dance makers space to show their work in a professional setting. Three creators will each be given a week to work out an existing idea into a 15-20 minute choreography in ISH's studio in Podium Lely, then assemble their performance with sound and lighting, and then present their works in a joint program in the theater. For the realization of each of the projects, a budget is available to pay the execution costs including personnel. In addition, ISH provides substantive and organizational support to realize the project.

New creators who feel artistically connected to ISH are welcome to submit a plan. The deadline for makers to submit their substantive plan for the upcoming edition is Sunday, April 28 2024. Read more about the new makers who have been selected for the ISH Open Nights 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions
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For more information you can contact Nathalie Décory, head of Education and Community at

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