Open Nights

Discover young work by three new creators
9 Oct — 8 Nov 2023

During ISH Open Nights, you will see work by a new generation of talented dance makers, each with roots in hip-hop dance. Three makers, namely Lars de Vos, Tamara Robledo Oud and dance collective SERIÓÓS!, each create three short choreographies, in which their personal experiences and experimentation and are central.

ISH invites three makers with a background in breaking, popping, freestyle or other hip-hop styles for the Open Nights programme. They challenge themselves to develop a short performance for the theatre. The performance has three separate choreographies, each with its own angle. You are going to see a varied programme, by turns explosive, energetic or subdued, raw or polished, from light to dark or tight beats interspersed with calm vibes. Are you open-minded and want to be surprised? Then don't miss ISH Open Nights!


From deeply happy to deeply in the shit, or vice versa
In the dance performance DIEP, three women explore their depth in text, movement and in themselves and each other. What does depth mean to us and how do we deal with it? What happens when we look inward and feel? When we get to know the deeper grounds of our selves, where do we end up? Sometimes you are deep and can't get out and need another person to help you understand yourself. During DIEP, SERIÓÓS To let go of context to embrace silence.

Kaleidoscope by Lars de Vos

A search for the right choice
The dynamic performance Kaleidoscope takes us on a quest to make the right choices. In a kaleidoscope, the viewer finds a symmetrical, mandala-like pattern of three planes that moves with you as you shake it. Three dancers represent this shifting pattern. It constantly creates new forms of thoughts, opinions and conflicts. The dancers respond to it from their own perspective and discipline, popping, locking and house. The performance shows that there is no one way to deal with changing situations: several roads lead to Rome.

Fuerza by Tamara Robledo Oud

Let the rhythm fuel me, let the groove soothe me
It's easy to feel strong when things are going well. But what do we use to pull ourselves back up when life hits us? What are our memories of our Fuerza, our (inner) strength? This intimate and personal performance represents the empowerment of (will) strength, inspired by the creator's Spanish roots. Fuerza is about dealing with setbacks and coping with challenges. The rhythm provides speed and dynamism, with Femenco fusing with house, waacking, hip-hop and groove in an intense way.

ISH Open Nights

Every year, ISH Dance Collective invites three new makers to develop an existing idea for choreography into a short piece. The makers rehearse in ISH's studio, edit the performance and present it in the theatre. ISH Open Nights fall under the pillar ISH Talent, in which ISH supports talented, new makers in their professional development.

Nu & binnenkort te zien

Mon 9 Oct 19:30
Amsterdam Meervaart
Sat 21 Oct 20:30
Nijmegen Lux
Wed 8 Nov 20:00
Rotterdam Theater Zuidplein
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