ISH Community

We are delighted when we see others grow and find success. That goes for those who may not yet be part of our community. This is a way for us to contribute to the larger (inter)national hiphop community.

Open training

Make use of our studios to develop and train your own skills and meet friends and colleagues from the field.

ISH Jams

What is the use of skills if you can’t show them off every now and then? At ISH Jam sessions we come together to dance and battle.

Studio use

Where possible, we make our studios available to makers to develop new work and undertake experiments.

Masters of Movement

During the Masters of Movement events the best hiphop dancers and urban sporters meet to take up the challenge and battle on the stage.

W-ISH Funds

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund together with ISH support this fund to develop talented makers within the hiphop and urban dance community.