Frequently Asked Questions

Read frequently asked questions about submitting a proposal for the ISH Open Nights on this page.

Who do you see as a new maker?
New maker is an elastic term. We created the ISH Open Nights programme for ISH-affiliated dance makers who are at a relatively early stage of their career as makers and find it difficult to find a platform to show their work in a professional setting. If you have received two or more substantial project grants to develop and perform your work in the theater, or have had the opportunity to do so with other organizations, then you are probably outside our target audience. If in doubt: always feel free to submit or inquire with us.

How freely disposable is the budget?
We have the condition that all those involved in the project are paid according to the classification of the Collective Labor Agreement for Theatre and Dance. Another condition is that the rehearsal time is exactly one week, plus an editing day prior to the premiere. In addition, there is a maximum of two preparation days available to the choreographer. We aim to involve between 3-4 performers in each of the choreographies, but the exact number is negotiable and also depends on the budget.

How is the selection of creators made?
Applications are weighed against each other internally within ISH with the objective of putting together a programme that is artistically diverse and complementary in terms of content, as well as in terms of creators and dancers to help achieve our goals of diversity and inclusiveness as much as possible. The artistic profile of ISH is another important benchmark for the assessment: applicants who are primarily or entirely in the field of modern or classical dance are less likely to be considered for selection at ISH Open Nights.

Are the periods fixed?
The performance dates are fixed and will take place during the months of October and November 2023. The rehearsal period will be determined based on the premiere date and is currently scheduled for September/October. ISH's ambition is to have all activities take place in a compressed period. If there is a demonstrable reason to deviate from this regarding the rehearsal dates it is possible to submit this to us.

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