An performance full of innovation that blends experimental hiphop with cerebral self-reflection.

The theatre maker Gil Gomes Leal is inspired by the mental complexity of humans. With often alienating and at times disturbing movement language, the dancers explore the depths of their souls, leaving them exposed in ceremonies in which the age-old drink Ayahuasca plays a central role. This is an exploration into a more balanced and earthed state of being.

Over the years Gil Gomes Leal has developed from an exceptional dancer into an exciting theatre maker who has found his artistic signature with an individual vision on research, investigation, and self-reflection. In his work Gil explores the ways a cerebral self-reflection paired with a spiritual investigation can find form in the body. In Western countries a solution for mental problems is often found in medication, while in non-Western countries the emphasis lies on the community to help and support the sufferer, also with the aid of natural remedies.

In 2018, Gil undertook a research journey to Puru to investigate the power of the medicinal plant Ayahuasca. He had the chance to learn as well as to heal during ceremonies led and accompanied by a Peruvian Shaman. This life-changing experience led to the performance Ayahuasca. The six dancers in this performance each have their own movement style. They are accompanied by a Ayahuasquero who leads the ceremony.

This performance has been made possible with the assistance of the New Makers Program – Performing Arts Fund.

'Het is een gewaagde keuze van Gil The Grid om de Ayahuasca-ceremonie zo letterlijk op toneel te zetten. Een keuze die in dit geval bijzonder goed uitpakt!'

— Theaterkrant

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