Breakdance as a starting point, along afro dance and traditional African dance styles
3 Apr — 20 May 2024
1 hours, no break

A dancer makes the highest jumps and somersaults of anyone. Where does this come from? He listens to the voice of Kromanti, the spirit within him known for his courage and flying skills. Feel the connection and fly the highest of all!

Under the wings of ISH Dance Collective, Dietrich Pott takes the audience on a journey through the interior of Suriname. Using breakdance as a starting point, along afro dance and traditional African dance styles, Pott tells a story from the Afro-Surinamese Winti faith. In the imaginative en colourful family performance Kromanti, a group of dancers search for their spirit to the rhythms of self-performed live percussion.

Afro-Breakdance: a new dance style

Dietrich Pott traveled to Suriname and Africa and spent two months researching traditional, African dance styles. Inspired by the experiences during this trip, Pott developed a new style of dance: Afro-Breakdance. The ritual Afro Surinamese secret language Kromanti that Pott learned in the interior of Suriname sparked his interest. He translated this religion and the atmosphere from the villages into colorful scenes in the mysterious performance Kromanti.

Producer Dietrich 'Dietje' Pott

B-Boy Dietrich 'Dietje' Pott belongs to the absolute top. He earned his spurs in the battle scene and in theater. His power moves and talent helped breakdance grow into an art form in its own right. Five years ago Pott took his first steps as a maker. A clear handwriting is visible in his work, strongly linked to his explosive and spectacular break style and his Surinamese roots. Kromanti was created under the banner of ISH Talent.

The dancers initiate us into a secret language with their movements; with their leaps and somersaults and have unmistakably become the powerful air god.

— De Volkskrant

Dietrich Pott and his dancers bring a beautiful and respectful tribute to this piece of African-Surinamese culture with Kromanti. [...] That moved me very much.

— De Theaterkrant

The men put on one breathtaking breakdance after another. By fusing different dance styles, choreographer Pott puts on a strong performance in which old roots and new cultures resonate.

— 8Weekly

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