Elements of Freestyle

A spectacular show that includes skating, freerunning and BMX, after which you will see urban arts with new eyes.

In ELEMENTS OF FREESTYLE, ISH goes back to where it all began.

The artistic director of ISH Marco Gerris, (ex-jury member of The Freestyle Games & So You Think you Can Dance), has always found inspiration in the pure movement styles of urban dance. Like no other, he sees the poetry of every movement. Whether you're flying through space on ballet shoes or on skates: it’s all dance.

Urban sports in the theatre

ELEMENTS OF FREESTYLE focuses on the special moments when a complicated trick finally works; when the focus, ecstasy, and feeling of freedom the freestyler experiences make it all worth it. In a sequence of breakdance, in-line skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning, the audience comes to see the artistry behind the tricks.

This project has been made possible by the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Performing Arts Fund.

'Uban arts is dance elevate ... All the urban arts, contemporary street art, are seen here, and all extend the boundaries of their disciplines.’

— Theaterkrant

‘Sometimes it’s hard to believe … You have to experience it in full color, live and steeped in the music. One and a half hours of something special. Just like that, on a Friday night.’

— Musicalnieuws

‘Skaters and free runners seem to fly past … A combination of emotions and passion in every movement, together with a faultlessly fused lighting design, a feast for the eyes.’

— Scènes

'Spectacularly pure'

— de Volkskrant

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11 May — 16 Jun 2023Theatres throughout the Netherlands

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